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There is not a single person in the world who has not done tourism. Many people even look forward to the weekend and enjoy tourism. Earlier kings - maharajas also used to go for tourism under the name of Deshatan. Tourism is said to be the best way to relieve stress. Tourism is one of the favorite hobbies of people and the more one does, the more one wants to do more. Tourism does not need a lot of money, but if you plan, you can have a great and enjoyable tour even with a small amount of money. Many tourists have a strong desire to travel and do tourism. But there is no way. At such a time, there is a need for a tourist friend who arranges picnics satisfactorily by planning tourism with less money. "He" passed the graduation exam. His mother is a teacher and his father is an employee in a bank. Parents wanted their son to get a job. His mother made her son take acting classes during the summer holidays to discipline him. He also completed acting courses. But he felt that acting was not his field, and working under someone was not his job. Many people used to come to walk in the garden near his house in the morning. One day many followers approached him about their desire to go to Thailand and visit religious places. He said that I would also like to travel with you and all the group went home. But the desire of his followers did not allow him to rest. He had a headache. One day while he was passing through Ganeshpeth area, he saw a board of a travel company. He went there and as a simple inquiry he found that there are many congregations and followers near our house who want to go abroad to Thailand for darshan and tourism. He also spoke some English words while talking. The director of the travel company noticed that he had mastered the English language. Suddenly the director made a proposal, why don't you take all the followers and tourists to Thailand as a tour manager for our company! He was taken aback by this unexpected proposal and asked for time to think. This proposal was communicated to his followers near home who also encouraged him. He informed about this proposal at home. His son, who is only 23 years old, is flying to Thailand with as many as 40 followers. Parents initially opposed this idea. He was also stubborn, he believed that I can make this tour a success. And if the tour was successful, a new realm would open up for him. He clearly said that I want to fulfill the dream of the people of my area to go abroad and see divine idols. In the end he bowed to the boy and allowed him to go abroad. Then planning to go to Thailand started. Guided by travel company directors. But in reality, the entire responsibility of going to Thailand and coming to India was put on his shoulders. The entire planning was written down on a piece of paper, and the regulations of the country of Thailand were studied. Passports of tourists without passports, reservation of train tickets and air tickets, visa on arrival, train travel from Nagpur to Calcutta, air travel from Calcutta to Bangkok, road travel from Bangkok to Pattaya and road travel from Pattaya to Bangkok, hotel booking etc. And with the help of a local guide, he made a successful Thailand tourism tour of 40 followers by visiting all the religious places and darshan. After returning to India all the followers were praising "him". He was also very satisfied. The director of the travel company pats him on the back for successfully completing the tour. Then he never looked back. The company started taking tourists to one famous place after another. Successfully completed tourism in countries such as Thailand, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Vietnam, Cambodia etc. abroad. While domestically, Jammu Kashmir, Arunachal Pradesh, North India, Nainital, Mussoorie, Andaman Nicobar, Rajasthan, Goa, Ooty, Mysore, Kerala, South India and other tourist destinations were visited with tourists. His personality is smiling, courteous and persuasive. Tourists are attracted to him because of his act of being the man of his house at the very first meeting. Moreover, it features excellent service at low cost. He started to consider tourism as his religion. After spending many years with that travel company, he decided to start his own travel company and also started an office in a building in Narendra Nagar in partnership with a resort owner in Karandla as a MY TRIP CARE . Because of his dealings here too the tourists who were associated with him remained. Worked in this place for two to three years. Then came the terrible Corona virus. Due to corona there was a lock down and every area was affected. The tourism sector is no exception. Two years were a huge loss. Hundreds of bookings for tourism were cancelled. It's time to take out the loan. But no one will pay the loan. He had to lose everything he was close to, this was a huge setback in his life. There was a situation to close the office, it was also closed. Domestic and foreign tourism stopped. He was exhausted, desperate, the situation was trying to overwhelm him, but he didn't give up, he didn't give up hope, he opened an office at home as per the Corona guidelines even when tourism was closed. Meanwhile, he also tried his luck in real estate. Two years were very difficult and challenging. After two years, the epidemic of Corona decreased. Lock down is over. People who are tired of staying at home started to travel slowly. The doors of tourism also started to open. Tourism increased, canceled bookings for tourism resumed. And again he soared like a phoenix. He has also named his tourism company as MY TRIP CARE . He then bought a two-bed room flat on Omkar Nagar Ring Road earlier this year. He converted this flat into the office of a tourism company. He has made the office of the tourism company so beautiful that it feels as if we have entered the real world of tourism. So far, the photos of those who have traveled with him while traveling and the actual photos of tourist places have been placed in the office. He used the motto of his tourism company as "Tourism is our religion". Recently, its tourism office was inaugurated in the presence of selected tourists. And he became the Chief General Manager of this tourism company with the same name "Ganeshanath". Only 35 years old, this 35-year-old Ganesh Nath has fulfilled the dreams of hundreds of tourists by traveling to Thailand 35 times based on "No profit, no loss". His ideas are also wild and beyond the imagination of a common man, he has started a YouTube channel based on tourism. From this, he will share the experiences of the tourists during the tourism. Ganesh Nath also got great support from his wife Sneha. Even during difficult times, Sneha stood by him like a shadow and today she is the head of the administrative affairs of the tourism company. Ganeshnath, who believes tourism as a religion, used to work in other companies, but today he has set up his own tourism and travels company. His story of struggle is not only shocking but also inspiring and energizing for anyone struggling. "Kaun kahta hai asama me rakakh nahi hota, one stone to tabiyat se uchalo yaro" Mobile No. 9404505261 sohanchawre@gmail.com